Tuesday, June 12, 2007


How to make Stickies (aka Rice Crispies treats) by Crewe Palmer.
First: You ask your mom to make them over and over. She agrees when you wake up from your nap. I didn't nap but hung out on the bed for long enough.

Second: Poor marsh-allows (no m) with butter in a bowl. I don't like butter but I am willing to bend my rules. Throw the bowl in the microwave.

Third: Quietly say a prayer for "Krackle, Snap, Pop".

Fourth: Thank your assistant.
Fifth: Poor in the cereal.

Sixth: Begin to eat!!!!


jody said...

Send that cook to my house, those are my favorite!!!!!

*natalie* said...

i love rice crispie treats!! maybe we can make those in billings. that baby dayne looks so cute in the bumbo on the counter. i'm so glad she'll sit in it. love the post!

Ryan & Brittany said...

what a great cook, and a good mom to make them all the time.

*ethan* said...

i'm glad to see the bumbo in action! i love the pic of him with his hands claspt