Sunday, June 24, 2007

ode to the BUMBO

The BUMBO, how I love thee,
your round and strong
and it didn't take long,
for baby Dayne to notice me.

All while sitting in the BUMBO!


jody said...

What a darling baby. She looks so big sitting in the Bumbo but I know she is still lilttle.

The Bumbo is pretty neat.

Ryan & Brittany said...

In the small window of time when Stella would stay in the bumbo, we loved it. I see that you too put her on the kitchen counter.


*natalie* said...

yes we loved the bumbo too, our only mistake was getting it too late. glad you can use it longer. she is a spittin image of crewe to me.

Ryan & Brittany said...

she is one well dressed baby and so very darling.

*ethan* said...

it's my fault that we got the bumbo late! i wish we got it earlier but at least someone is getting some use out of it

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I wish they had a bumbo back in the day!

KAP said...

That first picture if so cute, she looks like she is schemeing little naughty ways to keep her mommy up at night. Not to mention that dress is so adorable!