Monday, June 11, 2007

the letter

Dear Brother,
I find you odd. You constantly have no shirt on and sometimes are missing your pants. You get too close to my face but I have decided that I like your teeth. Today when mom asked you to get me a baby toy you quickly ran and got a rattle. BUT then you proceeded to shake for your own delight. I love sharing a room with you. It is race who can get to bed first and wake up in the morning. Last night we both did great and I think the parents are SO happy that we both slept through the night. I went from 9-6 and you 8:30-7. I wish I got to eat food like you do but I am content with the bottles of milk that you can get for me from the bottle warmer.
You are a great brother. I love you.
The Sister,
Baby dayne

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jody said...

How cute it that. He is a good brother!!!! Good job on the sleeping babies! Kisses sto you both.