Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swim day

Yesterday was a good day. It was SO !*#$ HOT! Crewe first got ready for the day. Did he have enough layers on?

In the afternoon Crewe had his first swim lessons. He has on the blue and orange shirt. It was so much fun. Rich and I felt very grown up. Watching "our kid" in swim lessons. We are getting old. We will be back today for more lessons.
Sister at the pool. She was buring up and soon we had her stripped down. Today I think she will stay home.


Ryan & Brittany said...

what fun. i can't believe crewe is old enough to swim with no parents. when do you leave for montana?

jody said...

It looks like fun. Wish we still had our pool to go to. No swimming for the Dad and I. CP is big taking swim lessons, very fun for him. He is stickin cute in that hat and sun glasses.

*natalie* said...

yay for swimming lessons. we LOVE swimming.

ps cute baby dayne

Anonymous said...

The baby is hot so you put on a head band?