Saturday, June 16, 2007

Trip to the City

Crewe watches a episode of Little Einsteins EVERYDAY that takes place in SF. They ventures through the city and try to find a helicopter. So today we decided to take Crewe to the same spots the rocket ship goes.
Coit Tower
Golden Gate Bridge
Cute boys under the bridge.

Baby Dayne slept the whole time we were gone. It also turned out to be dang cold. So I stayed in the car with Dayne.
A self shot of me while we waited in the car. Can you tell that I have not been sleeping?


jody said...

What a great idea, I bet CP loved it. Your picture of SF is awsome, you should blow that one up!!! I love Dayne's plaid shoes they are so cute. A very cute picture of Crewe and Rich, wish I had been along.

Anonymous said...

your photo looks like a mug shot. Free Paris!!!

*natalie* said...

sounds like a fun time. kade loves little einsteins. what are you guys driving now?

Ryan & Brittany said...

what a fun day! how come i don't know what the little einsteins are?